We’re On a Hybrid Schedule

We are excited that the DCF’s physical offices are now open Tuesday through Thursday, 9 am – 4 pm! Because of the pandemic, we are on a hybrid schedule, with individual staff members working remotely on Mondays and Fridays. If you wish to see a particular team member, please call or email to be sure they will be in the office before you visit.

Executive Office

Stuart Comstock-Gay headshot

Stuart Comstock-Gay

President and CEO
302.504.5228 [email protected]
Terri Waller headshot

Terri Waller

Administrative Assistant
302.504.5221 [email protected]

Community Impact

Sarah Hench headshot

Sarah Hench

Executive Vice President for Strategic Engagement
302.504.5267 [email protected]
Yolanda Rushdan headshot

Yolanda Rushdan

Senior Program Officer, Community Impact
302.504.5239 [email protected]
Kelly Sheridan headshot

Kelly Sheridan

Grant & Scholarship Coordinator
302.856.4393 [email protected]
Maggie Oda headshot

Maggie Oda

Program Director, Health
302.504.5229 [email protected]

Finance and Operations

Joyce Darling headshot

Joyce Darling

Vice President for Finance & Administration
302.504.5251 [email protected]
Rebecca Elzey headshot

Rebecca Elzey

Senior Compliance and Operations Officer
302.504.5234 [email protected]
Michelle Painter headshot

Michelle Painter

Gifts Administrator
302.504.5227 [email protected]
Satheesh Nadarajah headshot

Satheesh Nadarajah

302.504.5252 [email protected]
Jacqueline Mwangi headshot

Jacqueline Mwangi

Accounting Associate
302.504.5220 [email protected]
Chris Chapdelaine headshot

Chris Chapdelaine

Data and Operations Officer
302.504.5230 [email protected]

Marketing and Communications

Allison Taylor Levine, MPA, APR headshot

Allison Taylor Levine, MPA, APR

Vice President for Marketing & Communications
302.504.5226 [email protected]
Matt Popelka headshot

Matt Popelka

Marketing and Communications Coordinator
302.504.5222 [email protected]

Philanthropic Services

Joanne McGeoch headshot

Joanne McGeoch

Vice President for Philanthropy
302.504.5224 [email protected]
Mike DiPaolo headshot

Mike DiPaolo

Vice President for Southern Delaware
302.335.6933 [email protected]
Maribeth Przywara headshot

Maribeth Przywara

Philanthropy Officer
302.504.5223 [email protected]

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us.