Continue to Manage & Earn Fees On Assets Your Clients Donate

When your clients’ financial and tax planning includes philanthropy, the Delaware Community Foundation can help you make their charitable giving simple, joyful and powerful – without reducing the assets you manage.

DCF’s Charitable Partners Program

Through the DCF’s Charitable Partners Program, you continue to manage your client relationships and assets, while the DCF becomes the charitable arm of your professional team, providing:

  • Community knowledge and relationships to help your clients achieve their charitable goals, and
  • Expertise in tax-advantaged philanthropic giving vehicles.

From donor advised funds to charitable remainder trusts, we know philanthropy – and we know how to help your clients make the charitable impact to which they aspire.

How the Charitable Partner Program Works

The DCF, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, will partner with you and your clients who wish to donate assets to create charitable funds to benefit nonprofit organizations or causes.

  • Join the Charitable Partners Program.
    Complete our online application. All members of the Charitable Partners Program will be listed on the DCF website, even before they have an active client.
  • Establish your pool.
    Create a partner pool with initial contributions of at least $250,000 to DCF funds from one or more donors. The DCF becomes your client and opens an investment account with you to manage those assets.
  • Develop your DCF investment strategy.
    Design an investment strategy for the Partner Pool in alignment with the DCF Investment Policy.
  • Manage the assets and earn fees.
    Investment managers participating in the Charitable Partners Program continue to earn management fees on the assets in the Partner Pool. The DCF handles all administrative requirements of the charitable fund and applies a standard administrative fee.
  • Encourage other clients to join your pool.
    After the initial $250,000 Partner Pool is established, clients may be added to the Pool by giving as little as $15,000 or $25,000, depending on the type of charitable fund they establish. Your clients may even establish legacy funds, which require no immediate financial gift. The DCF will work with you to produce informational materials to use with your clients.

Additional terms and conditions apply.

Benefits to Your Clients

  • Immediate tax advantages.
  • Highly personalized service from people who are passionate about Delaware.
  • Access to expertise and relationships to maximize the impact of their charitable giving in Delaware.
  • A place in our community of givers, including opportunities to learn about community needs and how to help improve the lives of others.
  • Continue to benefit from your trusted advice.

Benefits to You

  • Continue to manage and earn fees on assets your clients donate to the DCF.
  • Maintain strong client relationships.
  • Add philanthropic advice to your offering.
  • Get help facilitating donations of non-cash assets, bequests, and other complex gifts.
  • Ensure your clients’ charitable giving aligns with their other financial goals.
  • DCF handles all donations and distributions from the fund; you handle the investments.

The DCF has been a valuable resource to our firm and to our clients. Knowing that we’re both Delaware-based and focused locally, we certainly look forward to that continued partnership.

– Kit and DeVon Daniels, Daniels + Tansey, LLP

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