Establishing a charitable fund at the DCF is
simple, joyful and powerful.

Establishing an endowed fund at the DCF helps strengthen your organization’s financial stability and frees you to focus on your mission. So far, more than 180 nonprofits have created funds at the DCF. You can be next.

Why Does Your Organization Need an Endowed Fund at the DCF?

Why Does Your Organization Need an Endowed Fund at the DCF?

  • Develop greater financial stability.
  • Provide your donors with a way to make planned gifts and access to the DCF’s gift planning expertise.
  • Benefit from pooled investments. Because we invest for many organizations and donors, we have access to elite investment opportunities and top-tier advisors.
  • Get endowment-building ideas and advice from the DCF’s team of experts.
  • Increase your organization’s visibility.
  • Increase your donors’ confidence.
  • Be part of the DCF’s larger movement to make Delaware the thriving, vibrant community we’re all working for. 

What the DCF Does for Your Organization

Annual Leadership Campaign

Manage and oversee the investment of the fund

Values Inclusion

Partner with you to help your donors make complex gifts, including planned gifts


Send acknowledgements and/or receipts for all gifts

Computer Icon

File federal and state tax returns

Values Excellence

Provide an independent audit


Issue quarterly financial reports

What to do Before Establishing a Fund

  • Gather and itemize gifts of cash, securities, or other property valued at $25,000 or more.
  • Set a goal for the size of the fund needed to achieve your organization’s objectives.
  • Create an endowment development plan and a committee to grow the fund.

All funds are charged fees based on the DCF’s published Fee Schedule.

What to do Before Establishing a Fund

We want to make sure the parks and open spaces provide opportunities for people to relax and participate in activities that promote healthy lifestyles. By partnering with the DCF, we’re able to make sure funding is available to protect and maintain those spaces for generations to come.

– Greg Abbott, DNREC Division of Parks and Recreation

Are you ready?

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