Grant Terms for Recipients

All grants awarded from the DCF are subject to these terms. By accepting a grant, the grantee certifies to the Delaware Community Foundation that:

  • the grantee organization is formed under the laws of the U.S. and its territories and is a public charity described in Internal Revenue code sec. 509(a)(1)-(3), or a private operating foundation described in IRC sec. 4942(j)(3);
  • the grant will be used exclusively for the grantee organization’s exempt purpose;
  • neither the recommending donor nor any other party will receive goods, services or impermissible benefits (e.g., tuition, memberships or dues with more than incidental benefits, admission to events or goods bought at auction) as a result of this grant;
  • the grant does not satisfy any portion of a financial obligation (including an enforceable pledge) of any party;
  • the grant will not be used for political contributions or campaign activities; and
  • the grantee organization does not devote more than an insubstantial part of its activities to attempting to influence legislation by propaganda or otherwise (or has made an election under IRC sec. 501(h) and complies with the limitations there under).

Anti-Hate Policy

The Delaware Community Foundation (DCF) believes philanthropy should always be a force for good. We are committed to helping our donors pursue their philanthropic passions by finding the most rewarding and impactful ways to give back. We know and understand that our donors support a wide variety of social and policy‐related causes across the broad spectrum of thought and belief.

Decisions regarding grant distributions made from all DCF funds, and the investment of assets in those funds, are made at the sole discretion of the DCF in furtherance of its charitable mission. If we find that a recommended grant from a donor advised fund is to an organization designated as a hate group, we will alert the advisor and work with them to find a better solution to meet their philanthropic goals.

Regardless of differing world views, we believe that there is never a place for hate in philanthropic work, and we will not accept gifts from individuals or organizations or process grants directed to organizations the DCF knows or has reason to believe support or engage in hateful activities. Hateful activities is
defined to mean activities that incite or engage in violence, intimidation, harassment, threats or defamation targeting an individual or group based on their actual or perceived race, color, religion, national origin, ethnicity, immigration status, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation or disability. These activities are contrary to the DCF’s mission, values, and beliefs.

The DCF will implement this policy through due diligence to ensure that hateful activities are identified and steps are taken to avoid any DCF support for them. The DCF relies primarily on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s (SPLC) published list of hate groups to make these determinations. The SPLC database is frequently updated and is the most widely used resource by our community foundation peers and other philanthropic partners both locally and across the country. In addition, the DCF may consult the Office of Foreign Assets Control Specially Designated Nationals list.

This policy is intended to protect both the DCF and our fundholders from the inherent risks associated with giving to hate groups. We are committed to regularly reviewing information from the Southern Poverty Law Center, Change the Terms, Color of Change, GLAAD, and others, to update our procedures. This policy may be amended over time as additional resources or information becomes available.

Social Media Comments Policy

Thank you for following DCF social media channels. The DCF participates in social media in order to engage the community in discussion of important issues affecting quality of life in Delaware, the role of philanthropy and related matters.

Posted comments and images do not necessarily represent the views of DCF. External, non-DCF links on this site do not constitute official endorsement on behalf of the DCF.

We encourage users to share thoughts and opinions on DCF social media accounts. This must be done respectfully and constructively.

All comments on DCF posts will be reviewed. We reserve the right to delete comments deemed unacceptable.

Our policy is to accept the majority of comments made to our profiles. Our goal is to share a broad range of ideas, perspectives and information with as many individuals as possible. The DCF does not agree with or endorse every comment that individuals post on our pages.

The DCF does not delete comments based solely on difference of opinion.

A comment will be deleted if it contains:

  • Hate speech,
  • Profanity, obscenity or vulgarity,
  • Nudity in profile pictures,
  • Defamation to a person or people,
  • Name calling and/or personal attacks,
  • Comments whose main purpose are to sell a product,
  • Comments that infringe on copyrights,
  • Spam comments, such as the same comment posted repeatedly on a profile,
  • Other comments that the DCF deems inappropriate.

Repeated violations of the DCF comment policy may cause the author to be blocked from the DCF’s social media profiles.

We understand that social media is a 24/7 medium, but our moderation capabilities are not. We may not see every inappropriate comment right away.

If you observe an inappropriate comment that you believe should be removed, or you have other questions or concerns, please contact [email protected].

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us. We have created this privacy policy to address concerns you may have about the way we use personal information collected through this website.

Personal Information

We do not collect personally identifiable information about you unless you knowingly provide it to us. “Personal information” may include your name, address, phone number and email address.

We will not sell your personal information to third parties. We will share personal information only with third party vendors who act on behalf of the Delaware Community Foundation (DCF) and only for the specified use. For example, large mailings may be prepared by a mailing service. These vendors are required to treat your personal information as confidential. In addition, we will not trade, share or sell a donor’s personal information (email, physical address, phone number) with anyone else – either online or offline, nor send donor mailings on behalf of other organizations. Otherwise, we will only share personal information if the donor has given us specific permission to do so.

As a casual, unregistered visitor to our site, you can browse and learn about us without us collecting your email address or any other personal information. We use standard web server technology to collect technical information such as the name of your Internet Service Provider, its IP address, the name of your operating system (Windows, Macintosh, etc.), your browser type (Internet Explorer, etc.) the length of time you spend on our site during a visit, the pages you visit and so on. This information does not identify you personally.

Accessing Fund Information

If you are a contact for a charitable fund within the DCF and want to access information about the fund online, you will use our secure portal. This donor interface uses contact information gathered during establishment of your fund agreement. Any information you provide is downloaded from our web server and maintained in a secure system. If there are multiple contacts for a charitable fund, the primary contact will need to provide the DCF with permission for additional contacts to access fund information online.

Communication From Us

We will use your email address and other identifying information for follow-up contacts with you. If you provide us with your personal information, we may notify you from time to time about DCF services, benefits and events. At all times, we include links to “opt-out” instructions with the email we send to you.


We use cookies (small pieces of information stored on your computer) on certain parts of our website. The cookies allow us to track your session, particularly when you access your fund account. We do not use cookies to collect any type of personal information or to extract any information from your computer.

Security Online

When you provide information through this website, the transmission is protected by Secure Service Layer (SSL) encryption. Some common browsers make it obvious when information is being passed in a secure manner by displaying either a completed key or a closed lock on the screen and “https” rather than “http” in the URL. However, no website operator can guarantee that a web site is completely secure or “hackerproof.” You use this web site solely at your own risk.

Credit Card Transactions

We use a service provider to process credit card transactions on our behalf. When you provide credit card information through our website, your information goes directly from your computer to a server operated by our service provider. Our service provider uses your credit card information only to process your transaction and is bound by contract to treat all of your personal information as confidential.

Links To Other Sites

The DCF provides links to websites of various philanthropic and nonprofit organizations. A link to a website is not an endorsement, authorization, sponsorship or affiliation with respect to such site, its owners or providers. When leaving delcf.org, we are not responsible for the information or security of those sites. We recommend you check the privacy policy of the site you are visiting before providing personal information.

Web Links To This Site

You may establish a hypertext link to this site from your website, as long as the page containing the link properly attributes the linked site to the DCF and does not state or imply any sponsorship of your site by the DCF. You may not take or use any copyrighted content or otherwise intellectual property from the DCF’s website without prior written consent of the DCF.

Privacy Notice Changes

We reserve the right to update and change the notice as we may deem appropriate. If you have any questions about our website privacy notice, please contact us at [email protected].

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us.