Giving Wisely through Estate Planning 

Your charitably inclined clients may want to give through their estate plans, as well as during their lives. The DCF can assist with both. We will work closely with you, your client, and your client’s other advisors to help them realize their charitable goals.

Your clients’ wishes come first and will be executed in perpetuity, maximizing tax advantages, supporting the charitable causes they care about, and establishing the legacy they wish to leave.

Whether they want to create college scholarships; support to a beloved alma mater, church or other nonprofit organization; or create a fund to address a specific community issue, the DCF can help. Giving can be in Delaware or anywhere in the country.

We offer a range of charitable tools that can be incorporated into planned giving, including:

There is never a fee for you or clients to consult with DCF staff, review ideas, or develop a plan.