Is supporting the mission of a specific nonprofit now and into the future an important part of your philanthropic goals? A designated fund could be the best option for you.

Designated Fund

A designated fund is a tax-free investment account for the sole purpose of supporting up to five specific charities of your choice annually, forever, while typically granting you tax benefits.

If a specific charitable organizations has touched your life — a favorite nonprofit, your church, your alma mater — it’s simple to ensure that it receives charitable support from you forever through a designated fund at the DCF.

How a Designated Fund Works

  1. Open the fund with an initial gift to the DCF of $15,000 or more in cash or other assets, such as appreciated stock, mutual funds or real estate. Most establishing gifts are tax deductible.
  2. Name the fund and designate up to five IRS-qualified charities to benefit from your fund.
  3. Plan for the future by working with the DCF to design a succession plan for your fund, defining how it is to be used after you are gone.
  4. Choose an investment strategy from the DCF’s investment pools, or ask about way to keep your personal financial advisor involved, including through our Charitable Partners Program.
  5. The DCF delivers grants each year from your fund according to your instructions.
  6. Add to your fund at anytime to take advantage of additional tax benefits while increasing the amount available for grants.
  7. Review your fund activity online.

The DCF manages and invests the assets, provides regular reports, and handles all administrative requirements, allowing you to focus on your philanthropy. All funds are charged fees based on the DCF’s Fee Schedule.

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