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Moneta J. Sleet III Memorial Fund

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Moneta J. Sleet, III was born on February 3, 1987 at Christina hospital in Newark, DE. He was the oldest of two children born to Mary K. Grantham of Silver Spring, MD and Gregory M. Sleet of Wilmington, DE. His sister, Kelsi M. Sleet, is a resident of Northampton, MA.

Moneta graduated Brandywine High School in Wilmington in 2005. His college career began at Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA, where he studied applied physics for two and a half years, and ended at the Watkins College of Art, where he studied photography. Moneta was a unique and special person who possessed true and inspired talent for things both technical and creative.

Most important are the words of one individual that capture the thoughts and reflections of many who knew him well and many of those who only encountered him briefly along his path through life. This person, who knew him better than some but not as well as others, said of Moneta: He was such a creative and gentle soul; he was always pleasant; he was so very creative; he will be missed from this earth! Our dear, dear Moneta will, indeed, be missed from this earth – missed by each of us who loved him so very, very much!

The family of Moneta J. Sleet, III

Please keep the Sleet Family in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.