Impact Grant Funders

Community Impact Grant Funders

Each year, the DCF awards Community Impact Grants based on Delaware’s evolving needs and opportunities. Grant decisions are made by a diverse team of volunteers with expertise in a variety of issues, ranging from education and workforce development to housing and the arts and everything in between.

In Fiscal Year 2022 (June 30, 2021-July 1, 2022), DCF’s Community Impact Grants were awarded through two programs: BIPOC Leaders and Communities and Capital Grants.

Community Impact Grants are underwritten by a group of charitable funds created by generous people who believe in the DCF’s work to build opportunity and advance equity in the First State. This year’s grants were supported by:

  • Alan and Josephine Eichenberger Memorial Fund
  • African American Empowerment Fund
  • Stephanie V.S. Auen – Ross Foundation Fund
  • Margaret Carswell Mem. Fund
  • The C.A.R.E. Fund
  • City of Wilmington (UDAG)
  • Continental American Life, Chairman’s Fund
  • Crit27 Fund
  • DCF Board of Directors Fund
  • DCF Founding Donors Fund
  • Delaware Forever Fund
  • Delaware Foundation Fund
  • Delaware Legacy Fund
  • Didiwick Fund
  • FCC National Bank Fund
  • Donald J. Franceschini Fund
  • The Elizabeth A. Garrigues Fund
  • General Motors Fund
  • Carolyn E. Golding Fund
  • Carolyn E. & Mabel R. Golding
  • Grant Avenue Fund
  • Grant Avenue Unrestricted Fund
  • Helen M. Greene Fund
  • Samuel Harlan, Jr. Fund
  • J. P. Morgan & Co., Inc.
  • John F. and Hilda Jaywork Memorial Fund for families in need
  • Richard Johnson Memorial Fund
  • The Jeanette & Rosemary Fund
  • Virginia Joy Charitable Fund
  • Manufacturers Hanover (DE) Fund
  • MBNA, America Fund
  • Helen V. McCaulley Memorial Fund
  • MLS Fund
  • June J. and Russell W. Peterson Fund for social Justice
  • Quintin E. Primo, Jr. Fund for Racial Justice
  • Elizabeth Quigley Fund
  • Charles & Patricia Robertson Unrestricted fund
  • Sadie Russell Fund
  • State of Delaware #1
  • Ernest E. Woodacre Fund
  • Thomas and Diane Wren Fund

To learn how you can establish a fund to support the DCF’s Community Impact Grants, contact Mike DiPaolo, 302.335.6933.