Community Equity Project

The Delaware Community Foundation is committed to advancing equity.
We believe that communities are strongest when all people have the opportunity to thrive.

Through the Community Equity Project (CEP), the Delaware Community Foundation supported a cohort of 12 leaders with experience addressing equity issues to define a shared vision and set of priorities to address lasting challenges in our communities. The group came together for nearly a year, sharing perspectives and history, listening and learning from lived experience and local and national voices, and ultimately defining a bold vision and concrete recommendations to make it happen.

You can find an overview of their work and briefs related to the key strategies they are recommending, published December 2020:

  • Developing an Equity Lens describes the cohort’s work to define equity, and to understand and adopt an equity perspective.
  • Empowering Communities provides an overview of the centrality of communities in the journey toward equity and offers recommendations for placing communities and their work at the forefront of the equity journey.
  • Restructuring for Impact focuses on the organizational changes necessary to transform structures and processes to support and ensure equity.
  • Institutionalizing Equity addresses the changes necessary in public awareness and education as well as in policies and law to shift toward equity.
  • The Evolution of the Community Equity Project describes the goals, participants and process of the Community Equity Project.

The DCF is ready to help put their hard work into action, and is committed to:

  • Making racial equity an explicit priority in all the work of the DCF.
  • Increasing the impact of resources invested in the community that focus on racial equity.
  • Encouraging civic discourse – sparking conversations throughout Delaware on racial equity issues.
  • Shining a light on research and data through our communications channels and events.
  • Continuing to bring together and rely on the expertise of the Community Equity Project cohort to move the work forward and build broader partnerships.

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