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Our New Podcast: Building Opportunity in Delaware

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I’m so pleased to announce today the launch of DCF’s first podcast – Building Opportunity in Delaware. After this episode, which includes an interview with Jim and Deborah Fallows, the subsequent eight episodes include interviews with people in Delaware who are working at a community level and doing work that addresses the disturbing opportunity gap in the state. You’ll hear me talk with Micheal Crumble from the H. Fletcher Brown Boys and Girls Club, Bryant Garcia, the immigration program coordinator at La Esperanza in Georgetown, Delaware’s STEM Queen Jacqueline Means, Reverend Edwin Estevez from Grace United Methodist Church, and others.

We’re exploring opportunity, building community, and why these folks do their work. What drives them? What are the goals in their work?

I believe we’re in a great reordering of the American dream and how American democracy functions. These people are all helping build that new dream and new democracy. I hope you enjoy these discussions. I’ve learned a lot through these interviews and I think you will too.

In our first episode, you will hear Jim and Deborah Fallows discuss their book Our Towns and their thoughts about these topics. Listen in.