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How to build a diverse non-profit board

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The final episode in the current series of our podcast is up. And it’s a great finale. What can nonprofits do to bui9ld the kind of diverse board they seek? 

And just in time for that discussion comes our good friend Cynthia Primo Martin, with her recently released book.  Cynthia is of course well known to nonprofit leaders in Delaware – as the founder and long-time leader of the group Trustees of Color, and an indefatigable advocate of community, nonprofits and the importance of diversity.  There’s so much more I could say – but I think she says it best in this discussion. 

Let me simply add this – “thank you, Cynthia.  And give it a listen.

You can find all six episodes of this season here.

Finally, we’re starting to work on our next podcast series. While the full topic is not yet settled, I’d really love to hear your thoughts on a series we’re considering, along the them of “What Unites Us.” In these divisive and difficult times, that seems a likely target for our thinking. So send me your thoughts!