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Giving with strategy … and joy

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There are only hours left for 2019 charitable giving. I wrote a piece – with Cynthia Pritchard of Philanthropy DE – about strategies for giving at the end of the year. But truly, the strategies are good for year-round giving, too. In the end? Follow your passion and be joyful. But there are other thoughts, too – about involving your family, creating a vision for the coming year.

On this last point, my wife and I spend time at the beginning of every year reviewing our upcoming giving. We have favorite organizations and causes. In some cases we give to the same organizations every year. We also think – broadly – about how much money we’d like to give in the area of arts, or environment, or international work, or core human services.

But we also look at particular needs – such as when a hurricane hit Puerto Rico, or flooding hit my birth-town of Fremont, Nebraska. But for us, some planning at the front of the year helps

In any case, you can read the article in the Delaware Business Times. Check it out.