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Episode 3: David Stradley from DelShakes

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David Stradley at a table speaking into a microphoneThere are many approaches to building opportunity. One area we too often ignore is the importance of art. In this week’s podcast, David Stradley from Delaware Shakespeare talks about the work they are doing to bring Shakespeare to non-traditional places – homeless shelters, prisons, mental health facilities and more…and how that changes the experience, and includes a broader diversity of people in the work.

Our talk is about art, creativity, community, connection and voice.

Said David. We love “to create programming … that allows the partners we serve to further express their voice, instead of just going and doing a play and them sitting there and watching.” He continues, “we use Shakespeare as a launching pad..,where community members can give voice to issues that are concerning to them, through the lens of Shakespeare.”

It’s a compelling discussion for art as a community builder. And he is compelling when he talks about this work as “the most fulfilling work that I’ve ever done as a theater artist.”

Check it out.

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