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Season 5: A Holistic Approach to Healthcare- Dr. Rama Peri

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Season 5, Episode 6: Dr. Rama Peri moved around the medical field when she first arrived in Delaware with her family, working at a local hospital, in private practice and even at a school. However, she wanted to balance her family life with her professional life while also working in the community, so she started The Rosa Health Center in 2015. In this episode, host Stuart Comstock-Gay talks with Dr. Peri about her past, how she got into medicine and also about the future of medicine and how she sees community doctors evolving. The two also briefly talk about the expansion project happening at The Rosa Health Center

In the DCF’s Building Opportunity in Delaware Podcast, President & CEO Stuart Comstock-Gay interviews people from around Delaware about how we can focus on the importance of community and how we can pass the mic to the next generation.

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