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Palaces for the People: How Libraries Build Equity through Access

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Dr. Annie Norman speaking at a podium in the Delaware State Senate
Photo courtesy of Live Love Delaware

Dr. Annie Norman, Director of the Delaware Division of Libraries, joins us to discuss how libraries build equity by improving access to social services and opening doors of opportunity through education.

The built-in infrastructure of libraries across the state makes them the perfect candidate to deliver a multitude of services — education and workforce training, technology and wifi access, youth programs, health services, and yes, of course, books!

Dr. Norman shares how libraries pivoted during the pandemic to help communities in need, how partnerships with other organizations have increased access to vital services, and what the future looks like for Delaware Libraries.

All six episodes in this third season of Building Opportunity will feature stories about how nonprofit organizations in Delaware are working to advance equity in their own unique ways.

In the DCF’s Building Opportunity in Delaware Podcast, President & CEO Stuart Comstock-Gay interviews people from around Delaware about how we can build opportunity for all people and strengthen our communities.

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