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Financial Foundations: How Credit Unions Build Equity in Lending

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Chaz Rzewnicki, the president and CEO of Dover Federal Credit Union, joins us for this episode of DCF’s Building Opportunity in Delaware podcast to talk about the role credit unions play in advancing equity, inclusion, and diversity in the community.

Chaz Rzewnicki

DCF President & CEO Stuart Comstock-Gay once again hosts a wide-ranging discussion, diving into the subject of unconscious bias and how financial institutions can train their employees to recognize it and take steps to rectify it. They also talk about what lending organizations can do to make it easier for BIPOC communities to open small businesses and buy a home.

The Dover Federal Credit Union was chartered in 1958 by Air Force and civilian workers at Dover Air Force Base, and today serves more than 40,000 members, encompassing the military, Delaware families, and over 450 workplace partners.

All six episodes in this third season of Building Opportunity will feature stories about how nonprofit organizations in Delaware are working to advance equity in their own unique ways.

In the DCF’s Building Opportunity in Delaware Podcast, President & CEO Stuart Comstock-Gay interviews people from around Delaware about how we can build opportunity for all people and strengthen our communities.

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