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Cracking the Code: How Workforce Training Builds Equity

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Lossie Freeman is the director of corporate partnerships for Zip Code Wilmington, an organization founded to promote equity in Wilmington by building opportunities for people in marginalized communities to enter the workforce as software developers and data engineers.

DCF President & CEO Stuart Comstock-Gay is our host for a discussion that details how Zip Code Wilmington has trained almost 500 software developers in the past six years and placed them into jobs in the Wilmington area.   

Zip Code Wilmington is a nationally recognized coding school in Wilmington that was one of the first nonprofit coding schools in the country, with a motto that reminds us that talent is evenly distributed across the community, but opportunity is not.

All six episodes in this third season of Building Opportunity will feature stories about how nonprofit organizations in Delaware are working to advance equity in their own unique ways.

In the DCF’s Building Opportunity in Delaware Podcast, President & CEO Stuart Comstock-Gay interviews people from around Delaware about how we can build opportunity for all people and strengthen our communities.

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