Delaware Forever Fund

The Delaware Forever Fund, created by generous donors who care about Delaware, is the DCF’s unrestricted endowment. The DCF uses this fund to make grants each year to address our communities’ changing needs, as they emerge and evolve.

  1. Why is the Delaware Forever Fund important?
    These flexible grants are important because they address the evolving needs of the community as they arise.

    The issues we face in Delaware today – including challenges faced by our growing Latino community, the need for more youth engagement, and the growing opportunity gap, to name just a few – were not prominent concerns 30 years ago when the DCF was founded. What will Delaware’s greatest needs be 30 years in the future? Whatever they are, through the Delaware Forever Fund, the community leaders of tomorrow will have the resources to address them.
  2. How does the DCF know what the community needs?
    The DCF is in a unique position to identify community needs and opportunities to address them through our community knowledge and relationships.

    We are constantly studying Delaware and its many communities – communities based on geography, ethnicity, special interests and more – and bringing nonprofits, government agencies, private businesses and other stakeholders together to foster collaboration and spark initiatives to fill unmet needs.

    Since the DCF was founded in 1986, we have provided hundreds of millions of dollars in grants and fostered public-private partnerships to address systemic community issues at their roots.
  3. Why should you support the Delaware Forever Fund?
    By supporting the Delaware Forever Fund, you can be part of our community of givers who are improving the lives of the people of Delaware and expanding opportunity for all. Your gift, combined with the generous gifts of many others, makes it possible for the DCF to pinpoint and fund the greatest opportunities to drive positive change in Delaware.

I see the success of the DCF over the years as a testament both to the dedication of the folks working/volunteering there and the charitable aspirations of the citizens of Delaware. The DCF truly represents what a community foundation is supposed to be about – the community.

– Pete Kennedy, DCF Audit Committee member

The DCF has perspective on the needs in our community. When governments work with schools, businesses, financial institutions, and philanthropic organizations, that’s how we get things done for our country, states, and communities. The DCF is a great organization that plays a role in all of this.

– Jack Markell, former governor of Delaware

The staff at the DCF understand Delaware and are a trusted resource.

– Lori Janosik Morrison, Janosik Family Fund

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