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The Circle in Georgetown to be Lit in Green for National Philanthropy Day the Week of Nov 16

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | November 9, 2020

Buildings around The Circle in downtown Georgetown will be lit in green for National Philanthropy Day the week of November 16, 2020. 

The Delaware Community Foundation (DCF) and the Town of Georgetown will celebrate the impact of philanthropy and especially the people who make it happen, increasing the quality of life in Sussex County. The DCF’s Southern Delaware office is located at 36 The Circle in Georgetown.

“Philanthropy means more than writing a check or making a donation, it’s about wanting to see our community succeed,” said Mike DiPaolo Vice President for Southern Delaware at the DCF. “Nonprofits in Sussex County make a difference in each of our lives, every day, and their successes are our successes. Whether it’s in eastern Sussex or western, for the arts, churches, education, or helping to address homelessness and hunger, the resources nonprofits need to meet their goals come from individuals and businesses across our county.” 

“Organizations like the DCF play a unique role in advancing philanthropy in Sussex County, allowing individuals and businesses to structure their giving in a way that can bring maximum impact,” said Stuart Comstock-Gay, DCF President. “By working with Sussex County nonprofits day in and day out, we can leverage our experience to help funding get to organizations that are doing the work on the ground.” 

National Philanthropy Day is celebrated every November 15. It was first recognized in southern California in 1986 and has grown as a way to recognize the individuals and institutions who work in philanthropy and whose efforts better our communities every day.  

The DCF was established in 1986 by a group of concerned citizens who saw an opportunity to improve the quality of life in Delaware. The DCF’s Southern Delaware Office was established in 2002 to bring DCF charitable giving opportunities, programming and resources to Kent and Sussex counties. For more information about the DCF, to speak to someone about grant resources or to establish a fund, please contact Mike DiPaolo at 302-856-4393.