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Joan’s Toolbox: Set It and Forget It Giving

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Everybody’s got their favorites.

For those with a philanthropic spirit, there are always one or two personal causes that are especially dear.

Whether it’s your church, an alma mater or a favorite nonprofit, the Delaware Community Foundation is here to help you permanently support those favorite organizations through a designated fund.

A designated fund is a kind of “set it and forget it” fund that will automatically send money to the organization or organizations of your choice on a regular basis, either for a set amount of time or in perpetuity.

By establishing a designated fund through the DCF, you can support the good work being done by your favorite nonprofit for years to come, while also obtaining immediate tax benefits for yourself.

Donors can establish a designated fund by giving a gift of cash, securities or other property valued at $15,000 or more to the DCF. The toughest decision for a donor may be deciding which organizations to support. Once the donation is made, the donor enjoys an immediate tax deduction.

The DCF handles everything else, including the distribution of grant money in accordance with the donor’s instructions. If at any time in the future, your beneficiary organization closes, the DCF can redirect your financial support to something aligned with your wishes.

So pick your favorite organization and establish a designated fund at the DCF. It’s a simply, powerful way to make a difference.