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DCF’S Grunewald and Rushdan Earn New Titles

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The Delaware Community Foundation is proud to announce two new titles for their staff: Sarah Grunewald is the new executive vice president for strategic engagement and Yolanda Rushdan is the new senior program officer of the community impact team.

Sarah Grunewald

Sarah Grunewald has been working at the Delaware Community Foundation for over four years, leading the community impact team. Her new role will include continued work on community impact as well as responsibilities related to building a positive, engaged, inclusive and productive culture. She will work to ensure that the DCF is advancing on priorities in our Strategic Plan and maximizing the talents and contributions of all employees.

Yolanda Rushdan

Yolanda Rushdan has been a staff member of the DCF for three years, working with Grunewald on the community impact team. Her new role includes her being the point person for executing the programmatic activities of the DCF, including efforts to engage and serve donors. She will manage the DCF’s discretionary grants programs and lead data collection related to these grants so we can keep telling wonderful stories. Yolanda will also play a central role in advancing the DCF’s equity work.