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2023 DCF Youth Philanthropy Boards Grant $52,000 Statewide

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High school students participating in the Youth Philanthropy Boards (YPB) of the Delaware Community Foundation (DCF) have awarded $52,000 to 20 nonprofit organizations throughout the state.  

The DCF sponsors a YPB in each county to encourage high school students to become more involved in philanthropy. Each board of high school students is allotted a pool of money to give as charitable grants. 

YPB members are tasked with studying issues in their neighborhoods and schools, identifying a focus area for grantmaking, learning about philanthropy and effective grantmaking, soliciting grant proposals and conducting site visits to nonprofit organizations. With the knowledge gained from these experiences, the members select grantees that they deem will have the most impact in our communities. 

“Being on the YPB this year has given me not just an intro into philanthropy, but a chance to execute the practice of philanthropy fully with no restraints, even as young as we are,” Kent County YPB member Justin Lunn said. “I am truly thankful for the opportunity to be a part of a group that was able to distribute funds to a variety of nonprofits that will impact people of a variety of age groups, ethnic backgrounds and life experiences in Kent County and possibly further.” 

In 2023, the DCF provided $16,500 to the Kent YPB, $18,000 to the New Castle County YPB and $17,500 to the Sussex YPB. 

This year’s YPB grants were awarded to: 

Sussex County YPB site visit to Courageous Hearts


Focus Area: In 2023, YPB Kent County grants are supporting nonprofits that provide assistance for physical well-being (food insecurity, homelessness, etc.) and mental health services that address self-harm (cutting, substance/alcohol abuse, suicide prevention, etc.). 
Visions of Hope, Inc. – $5,000 to support the Visions of Hope Residential Program 
YWCA of Delaware – $3,567.62 for survivor emergency needs kits 
Delaware Guidance Services – $3,432.38 for child-centered play therapy toys 
Courageous Hearts – $2,000 for equine therapy 
Green Beret Project – $1,250 to support the Equipping Youth for Success Program 
St. John’s Community Services – $1,250 to support the Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Residential Program 

Focus Area: In 2023, the New Castle County YPB grants were awarded to nonprofits that support the physical and mental health of youth including, but not limited to, those that improve nutrition, food security, positive body image, negative impacts of social media, decrease substance use and youth violence. 

Down Syndrome Association (DSA) – $2,500 to support its Down to Box Program 
Survivors of Abuse in Recovery (SOAR) – $2,500 for funding for an intake specialist apprenticeship 
Tether Foundation – $2,500 to support its athletes mentoring program 
Big Brothers Big Sisters – $2,250 to provide mentoring in the summer for students in foster care 
Vision to Learn – $2,500 for new pairs of glasses 
Supporting Kidds – $1,250 to support Healing Pathways 
EDGE for Tomorrow – $2,000 to fund its body positive and anti-bullying workshop 
YWCA of Delaware – $2,500 to support ESTEEM 

Focus Area: In 2023, the Sussex County YPB is funding nonprofits that focus on support for those who struggle with access to reproductive (teen pregnancy), mental health and/or substance abuse services. Preference given to nonprofits that mentor middle and high school students that help them avoid and minimize these obstacles. 

YWCA of Delaware – $1,500 to support ESTEEM 
Zoe Ministries– $1,500 for equine mentoring 
Delaware Guidance Services – $1,500 for child-centered play therapy toys  
Courageous Hearts – $4,000 for equine therapy 
Tether Foundation – $4,000 to support Camp Abilities Delaware 
SOAR – $5,000 for specialized trauma training in Sussex County