Leadership Campaign Donors

Delawareans throughout the state. Thanks to the generosity of our FY21 Annual Leadership Campaign donors, the DCF has been a powerful force for good for 35 years, serving as a facilitator, connector, cultivator, and source of community knowledge.

We were both raised in families that valued being engaged in community, educational, faith-based work, and political action. Our parents modeled these values, and we were taught to give of our time, talents, and resources, however small, to make a positive difference in our communities.

– Leadership Campaign supporters Lynne Howard and Don Brown, founders of the Howard/Brown Family Fund at the DCF.

Thank you to our 2021 Leadership Campaign Donors!

Dr. & Mrs. Robert Abel, Jr.

Frank & Marci Albero**

Jeanne & William Allan

Judy & Rich Allen

Mr. & Mrs. Ashley R. Altschuler**

Arsht-Cannon Fund**

Mr. & Mrs. Julian H. Baumann Jr.

Beverley V. Baxter

Andre & Sally Beaumont**

Nancy & Jay Blumberg

Dr. Alex B. Bodenstab

Mr. & Mrs. James Borel**

Mike & Sandie Bowman

David & Gwen Brown

Mr. David Burton

Herbert & Myrtha Calhoun

Dr. Christine A. Cannon

Stephanie & Ruly Carpenter

Senator & Mrs. Tom Carper

Steven & Deborah Casey

Mike & Jane Castle**

James & Mary Jo Chandler

Mr. Chris Chapdelaine*

Frank & Linda Chick**

Ms. Teresa Childress-Gilliam

Tom & Linda Cloud

Stuart & Lucy Comstock-Gay**

Pam & Doug Cornforth

Nancy B. Crowe

Mr. & Mrs. Rob Crowe

Mr. Daniel E. Cruce Jr.**

Devon & Kit Daniels**

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Darling

Ms. Linda Darr

Claire DeMatteis & Michael Marquardt**

Rob & Debbie Director

David & Jamie Doane**

Deutsche Bank Trust Company Delaware

Mr. & Mrs. Michael DiSabatino

Discover Bank

Martha & Stan Diver

Mr. & Mrs. Glen Dugdale

Mr. William C. Dugdale

DuPont Company

Edgewell Personal Care

Rebecca Elzey

Mary Page & Tom Evans

Drewry N. Fennell

Mr. & Ms. Andrew Firment

Mark Fitzpatrick**

Dr. Daniel L. Weintraub & Ms. Nancy Fleming*

Thomas & Marie Forrest**

Tom & Cathy Franceschini**

Mark & Ann Frazier**

Mr. & Mrs. William H. Frederick Jr.

Ms. Lossie Freeman

Gregory & Esther Fuller

Gail Garbutt

George & Lynch Inc.

Peter & Susan Gilman

Mr. Richard A. Givens II

Jeff & Linnea Goddess**

Mr. & Mrs. William Goeller**

Dr. & Mrs. Edward Goldenberg

Donald L. Gouge Jr.**

Ms. Janice Grackin

Mr. & Mrs. William Q. Graham*

Mr. & Mrs. George A. Guido

Marcia Halperin & Norman Monhait**

Ms. Janis Harlow*

Rich & Dottie Harper

John & Niki Hawkins**

Marilyn & Nathan Hayward**

James & Maret Headley

Susan & Stephen Herrmann

Mary & Bob Hickok

Fifi Hiotis-Blackburn

Joan Hoge-North**

Ilona & Randy Holland

Mr. John Hollis

Peter & Susan Horty**

Don Brown & Lynne Howard

Mrs. Chanta Howard-Wilkinson*

Peter & Patti Hurd

Marilyn K. Hyte

Jack B. Jacobs

Dori R. Jacobson**

Lynn & Leslie Jones

Ms. Virginia Jones*

William & Mary Johnston

Ms. Nancy Karibjanian

Kay & Bryan Keenan

Kimberly & Larry Kimmel

Ms. Rebecca Klug

Paul & Anne Michele Kuhns

William & Melissa Lafferty**

Laird Stabler III & Associates, LLC

Mr. Nicholas Lambrow*

Dr. Frances H. Leach

Hugh & Kathleen Leahy**

Jack Lesher

Allison Levine**

Ms. Margie Lopez-Waite

Rev. Dr. David Lovelace*

Mr. & Mrs. H. David Lunger

William H. J. Manthorpe Jr.

Rob & Alice Martinelli

Jim & Georgia Mazarakis**

Kathleen & Thomas McDonough**

Mr. & Mrs. Charles S. McDowell

Mr. & Mrs. Rex L. Mears**

Jeanne & Don Mell

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Michael

Tamika Montgomery-Reeves

Morgan Stanley

Mr. & Mrs. Paul H. Mylander

Ms. Vasantha Nagarajan

Richard & Mary Ella Nenno

Drs. Janice Nevin and Charles Pohl**

Leslie Newman & Bill Wolff**

Donald & Elizabeth Nicholson**

Nadine & John Noble

Alan B. Palmer**

Peter & Linda Panzer

Ethel & Don Parsons

Chris & Mary Patterson

W. Charles Paradee Jr.

Lear & Gary Pfeiffer**

Ms. Edna P. Bennett Pierce*

Ms. Louisa Phillips*

Dr. Vita Pickrum

Dr. Linda F. Poole

Brian & Kay Preston**

Vernon R. & Margaret S. Proctor

Thomas R. Pulsifer**

Ms. Cheryl Rice-Moore**

Robert & Patricia Ridout

Mr. & Mrs. J. K. Riegel

Dennis Rochford**

Carol S. Rothschild

Dr. & Mrs. Jonathan S. Russ

Mr. & Mrs. William R. Russell III

Barbara & David Rutt

Nancy & Tom Sager**

Anis & Sue Saliba**

Charles & Susan Salkin**

Dennis & Beth Salter**

Michele Sands

Ellen S. Scarborough

Dawn & Bill Schieffer

Steve & Judy Schwartz**

Mr. Rodney H. Scott

Mr. & Mrs. Fred C. Sears II**

Ms. Catherine Seeber

Ellen & Jim Semple

Mr. & Mrs. Sam Severance**

Lynn Herrick & Rodney Sharp**

Ms. Kelly J. Sheridan & Ms. Debra J. Quinton**

Susan & Wil Sherk

Thomas J. Shopa

Rob & Kathleen Siegfried

Nancy & Steve Silver

Ms. Rachel Simon*

Mr. Adam Singer*

Elaine & David Singleton**

The Honorable Gregory M. Sleet

Gilbert J. Sloan, PhD

Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert H. Smith Jr.

Don & Leigh Sparks

Rita & Jack Speakman

William C. Spruance

State of Delaware

Andrew and Lauren Stayton**

Edward Steiner

Jay & Sharon Stevens**

Marie and Edward Stewart**

Donna D. Stone

Dale Stratton

Chris & Bill Sudell

Ms. Cindy L. Szabo and Mr. Brian M. Ellis**

Ms. Janice Talley*

Edward & Judy Tarlov**

Vernon & Michelle Taylor**

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen C. Thompson*

Philip C. Timon

Barbara & Len Togman

Reade Y. Tompson

Steven & Suzanne Tooze

Elaine & Sherman Townsend**

Mr. Robert L. VanDyke**

Ms. Anne Verplanck**

Eva L. Verplanck**

Mr. & Mrs. William J. Wade**

Constance Wahlig

Wakefield Family Fund, Inc.**

Ms. Christine Walker Briedis*

Mr. and Mrs. Howell Wallace

Ms. Evelyn T. Waller

Michael W. Walls

John W. Ward**

Ranney and Paul Ward**

John S. Wellons

Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Whetzel

Mr. and Ms. Edward White

John D. & Beverly J. Wik

Jane P. Wilkie

Katie and David Wilkinson**

Ms. Margery J. Windolph*

Drs. Keith & Joan Wing

Ms. Valerie Woodruff

Nina Worthington, CFP*

Thomas D. Wren**

Kenneth W. Wynn Sr.

Ronald and Janet M. Yabroff

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