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DCF’s Elzey and Sheridan Earn New Titles

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The Delaware Community Foundation is proud to announce two new titles for their staff: Rebecca Elzey is the new senior compliance and operations officer and Kelly Sheridan is the new grant and scholarship coordinator.

Rebecca Elzey 

Rebecca Elzey will be the point person for ensuring the DCF’s work meets the highest standards of compliance, resolving critical fund issues and making sure all our fund agreements, contracts, and other legal documents are up to legal standards. On the operations side, she will play a lead role coordinating across the whole organization to maximize our information technology tools, maintain and implement policies and facilitate cross-department processes so we can best serve our donors and community. 

Kelly Sheridan 

Kelly Sheridan’s promotion reflects increased responsibility for supporting the DCF’s grants program and efforts to engage and serve donors. Kelly will also continue to lead, facilitate and support the scholarship programs of the DCF and coordinate the Youth Philanthropy Board in both Kent and Sussex counties.