Comments from Advisors We Work With

Learn as much as you can about the DCF, because it may be a perfect solution for a lot of your clients that they might not have known about. It’s just another tool in the toolbox for providing good services to clients.

Kevin Baird, Baird Mandalas Brockstedt LLC

Many of my clients have a desire to make a lasting impact on the quality of life in Delaware and make for a better future for its citizens. DCF provides them with important assurance in several ways: its permanence, its attention to Delaware, its continuing attention to the family’s intentions so that they’re not forgotten. This results in providing a family with the benefits of a private foundation, without the cost.

Chuck Durante, Connolly Gallagher LLP

Depending on what the client wants to accomplish from a charitable perspective, the DCF has many ways to help them to accomplish their and their family’s charitable goals.

Cindy Szabo, Morris James

I love DCF as a resource because I know that if I have clients who are interested in philanthropy, I’ve got somebody that does this all the time that I can refer them to, and they’re going to be in good hands.

Michelle Porcino-Wells, Procino-Wells & Woodland Law

I have clients that have been with me a long time, and as they look to make charitable contributions, the DCF is the go-to place for me. I know my clients and I will have direct contact with the DCF, and the organization is more than capable of dealing with complex issues that may arise. The DCF’s mission is clear and, for me, it aligns with my own vision for appropriate use of wealth.

Peter A. Oldziey, Peter Oldziey & Associates

The DCF has been a valuable resource to our firm and to our clients. Knowing that we’re both Delaware-based and focused locally, we certainly look forward to that continued partnership.

Kit and DeVon Daniels, Daniels + Tansey, LLP