Terms and Conditions

Investment of Fund Assets

  • The DCF offers four investment pools: the Flagship Long-Term Growth Pool, Broad-Based Pool, Socially Responsible Pool and Capital Preservation Pool.
  • Funds currently invested at the time of adoption of the new Investment Policy Statement (IPS) (May 17, 2017) will remain in the Flagship Pool unless the fundholder directs the DCF otherwise.
  • For all funds established after the adoption of the new IPS, fundholders must designate in the fund agreement the pool or pools in which the assets will be invested.
  • If, for any reason, a pool has not been designated, the fund will be held in the Capital Preservation Pool by default until the DCF is otherwise directed.
  • Any changes to investment allocations of a fund may be made only:
    • in the case of an individual fundholder, by the fund founder(s) or their successor advisor(s) or,
    • in the case of a nonprofit organization’s fund, by resolution of the nonprofit’s board of directors.
  • Fundholders may change the pool(s) in which funds are invested once every 12 months.
  • Changes will be made on the first business day of the month following receipt of the signed form, provided the DCF receives the request at least five business days prior the last business day of the month, from authorized individuals or boards.
  • The DCF reserves the right to change the investment pools offered. If the DCF changes the investment pools, affected fundholders will be contacted and instructed to select new pools. If the fundholder does not respond within 60 days, the DCF, acting in its sole discretion, will move the funds to the Flagship Pool or its equivalent.

Required Balances for Investment

  • Established funds are eligible to be invested as long as they maintain a minimum balance of $10,000.
  • If the balance drops below $10,000, the fund may be transferred to the DCF Capital Preservation Pool.
  • After the fund balance again reaches $10,000, previously invested funds will be returned to the previously designated pool(s).

Required Balances for Investment in One or Two Pools

  • Fundholders of funds over $10,000 but under $25,000 may select any one of the DCF’s four investment pools.
  • When the fund reaches $25,000, the fundholder may leave the assets in a single pool or direct the DCF to divide the assets evenly into any two investment pools.
  • Funds will not be allocated among more than two pools. Funds will not be allocated into pools by percentages other than 50-50.
  • If two pools have been selected, any amounts credited or debited to the fund will be allocated evenly between the two pools. E.g., if a $1,000 grant is made from a fund invested in two pools, $500 will be withdrawn from each of the two pools.
  • Funds with assets in one or two pools are rebalanced monthly, after the month has been closed.
  • If a fund is invested in more than one pool and the total fund balance falls below $25,000 (i.e., less than $12,500 per investment pool), the DCF, acting in its sole discretion, may move the full balance to the Flagship Long-Term Growth Pool.

Additional terms and conditions may apply. The DCF reserves the right to revise these terms and conditions at any time.

Last rev. 6/6/17