BIPOC Leaders & Communities Grants

In 2021, the DCF launched a new opportunity as part of its overall community impact grants. Equity Partners grants supported leaders of color in Delaware and the organizations and communities they serve, as part of the DCF’s commitment to build opportunity so all Delaware residents can overcome barriers to success, benefit equitably and thrive. For 2022, we have modified this program to become the BIPOC Leaders & Communities Grants Program.

In 2022, the BIPOC Leaders and Communities Grants Program will target funding to significantly increase leader-of-color-led organizations amongst our grantees, support community-driven change, and provide capacity-building funding to support current and next-generation leaders’ long-term success. The grant program is a partnership with the African-American Empowerment Fund (AAEFD) at the DCF.

For more information about the DCF’s grantmaking process, visit or contact Yolanda Rushdan at 302.504.5239.

2022 Recipients

Train educators to lead equity efforts at the school and community levels.

Recruit and train Delawareans to be advocates on issues such as policing, sentencing, reentry and probation.

Support employment, empowerment and community engagement and advocacy for youth impacted by and/or experiencing poverty and violence.

Conduct strategic planning to pilot a workforce development program that builds a pipeline of people of color in music professions. 

Conduct strategic planning and cultural competency training to ensure organization continues to best serve and strengthen young families of color in Delaware.

Advance Social Emotional Learning in DCS Scholars and their families. 

Create a historical mural in West Rehoboth, honoring its rich cultural history and uplifting the voices of the original community members. 

Conduct strategic planning, advance board diversification and support student mentoring. 

Develop an online resource bank for nonprofit leaders of color in Delaware. 

Support the RISE Independent Living program for youth aging out of foster care. 

Upgrade website to better serve and connect with its community. 

Conduct strategic planning and professional development and launch CRM software. 

Conduct strategic planning and ensure it can continue to meet the evolving needs and challenges of the community it serves. 

Provide organizational leadership with skill-building, training and mentorship to improve delivery of services to youth, primarily youth of color. 

Conduct strategic and revenue planning, as well as staff and board development, to ensure long-term viability in meeting community needs. 

Develop BIPOC entrepreneurs in the creative economy with tools and skills to benefit from market growth, economic recovery and contractual opportunities.  

Transition to digital/cloud-based loan system in order to serve more BIPOC-owned small businesses in gaining access to capital. 

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